Saturday, January 29, 2011

Food Rationing

A full dish from the good old days...
I'm lodging a complaint: Daddy and Mommy are starving me!

It used to be (in the good-old days), that my food dish was always filled and available, and I could eat as much or as little as I wanted throughout the day. But no more. Now there's breakfast and there's dinner, and that's it. And to add insult to injury, there's altogether less food than there use to be. Mommy is actually measuring it out in a cup now!

Daddy used to come home with these huge bags of food and just kept my bowl filled to the brim. But then three things happened: 1, Mommy didn't think the food Annie, Lola and I were getting was very good for us. It was corn-based, she said (which I thought was just fine), but prissy-picky little Lola didn't like the food very much and started spilling it everywhere rather than eating it. 2, Mommy also said that our coats (especially Lola's) weren't as soft as they should be, and we needed a better quality food. And 3, once Daddy saw the price of the new lamb and fish dog food, he said we better measure it out each time, rather than just pour it in the bowls, or we'd all wind up penniless on the street in no time.

The result is that while we might be eating better, I'm going around starving all day. Mommy says that me and Annie are losing weight, and that's good for us and our health. But I don't see her and Daddy rationing their food... The hypocrisy of it all!!

This is all Lola's fault. If she just ate her kibble like a good dogie, my stomach wouldn't be growling right now. I'm going to have to find a way to punish her... mea culpa!

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